The Freestyling Team was founded in Milan, Italy, in 2012; it consists of guys with a common passion for freestyle soccer. In all these years we have specialized more and more in performing acrobatic tricks with the ball. We have grown as a number, and we have become a reference point for freestyle soccer both in Italy and abroad. We also had a branch in Spain for some time!
We opened some football freestyle schools, usually together with traditional football clubs, and we love to teach freestyle tricks and combos.
Here you can get closer to the team members and contact us to book their amazing performances, either in Italy or abroad. You can also arrange an appointment to understand how and why open a school.

Freestyle is a sport that only in the last few years is getting the recognition that it deserves; it is interesting and attractive to various types of audience, and nowadays, you can see more and more often crowds of people watching freestyle performances in the most famous Italian squares.
Get in touch with us if you are interested in combining your event with a show that is unusual, very entertaining and exciting, or if you are a sport club and you want to offer something different to everyone, even opening a school of freestyle soccer.


What's freestyle soccer

According to Wikipedia's definition, "freestyle soccer is the art of acrobatic juggling, performed with a soccer ball". It is an acrobatic discipline, extraordinarily spectacular but still very technical, that comes from the game of street soccer. The "player" is named accordingly to the English terminology: freestyler. Freestylers compete performing technical gestures called "trick" or "combo" (trick sequence), where the freestyler uses different parts of his body: head, legs, chest, neck, back, etc.; moreover, tricks can be performed from an upright position, sitting, or lying down. This incredible variety of combinations needed the categorization of the various tricks in three main subclasses: Lower body, Upper body and Sitdown.

Lower body
Lower tricks are performed in an upright position with the lower body parts: feet, legs, knees, heel. They are generally considered the most difficult due to the very good technique required and the incredible level that freestylers reached today.

Upper body
Upper tricks are mainly performed in an upright position, but also seated, with the upper body: head, neck, shoulders, chest, back. This type of freestyle requires a lot of balance, since many tricks require to keep the ball in balance for as long as possible on different parts of the body, such as the tip of the nose or the nape, but the possibilities are many more.

Sitdown tricks are performed seated or lying down using every part of the body. This category is perhaps the least rich in tricks, since most of those used are a copy of Lower tricks.

lowerbody upperbody sitdown

Who we are

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Davide Dav Pisani

Davide Dav Pisani

Originally from Milan, he started to take freestyle seriously in October 2010; since that time, he has constantly improved, until reaching the top levels in the world. He prefers to perform lower and upper body tricks and combos. He is self-taught: he has learned watching videos of other freestylers on Youtube and trying to reproduce those skills. He used to daily film his training and then watch it later to see what he needed to fix. He regularly takes part in meeting with other freestylers, appreciating group training. You may meet him in Milan (he often trains in the Santa Giulia district or at Palazzo Lombardia; street shows are usually performed in downtown) or at some events in Italy or around the world. He is always called when they are looking for a quality show. In the last six years he has always classified between the best freestylers in Italian championships; he won the the Italian Overall Competition in 2013, and he got the second place in the same competition the year after. Since 2015, he has always ranked among the top 32 at the World Open Championship. Dav has already granted several interviews, he has a very active profile on Instagram, an interesting Youtube channel, and he works also as "brand influencer".

Giorgio Luppi

Giorgio Luppi

Class '97, he is from Bologna and he started to approach the world of freestyle soccer thanks to Youtube, when at about 13/14 years old he bumped into videos of guys showing skills with the ball not only on the field but also on the street. The fable says that the first time that he saw a freestyle compilation he was dumbfounded. He started looking for video tutorials of those tricks that were not comparable to the juggle of Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, the ones that he considered, until that moment, the best performance that an audience could ask for. Giorgio started to practice the first upper tricks at home, but after few months he quit because of lack of motivation. In September 2015, he decided to start over, regularly training. After a few months he could see the progress he had done and he also received positive feedbacks on social networks where he posted his first videos. Since then, he has not stopped, continuing to practice everyday, taking part in contests, and working as a performer in many events around Italy.

Alessandro Colazzo

Alessandro Colazzo

He is from a small town in the province of Lecce, Southern Italy. He performed several shows in Italy, working for numerous famous brands. He was the protagonist in the official video of Lecce soccer team, as well as guest of various famous shows of the entertainment world. Alessandro started to practice freestyle soccer only few years ago, however, he is among the top 16 in the Italian ranking, and he takes part in many important contests.

Giuseppe Dandi Sollenne

Giuseppe Dandi Sollenne

He started practicing freestyle in 2007. In the summer of 2008 he met in Rome Seed and Plo, founders of the "Last Beach Team", and Seagod; he performed with them the first "live performances" in the main squares of the capital and he practiced long training sessions. Since then, the team has met on many other occasions, touring Italy and Germany, Plo's land, and working for important companies. With the sponsorship of "Fatto da Yo", Dandi took part in many national meetings and competitions. He got a third place in the national contest "Free from Laces" (by Lotto), thanks to the sit tricks, his favorite style, and the crossover, his favorite trick at the beginning of his career. In 2011 he moved for a year to California, where he met Alex and Jeremy, and became part of the Los Angeles crew, making some great experiences such as performing at the LA Galaxy Stadium and making it among the top 8 at the USA Meeting in the summer of 2012. In 2014 Dandi moved to Madrid, where he opened the Spanish branch of the Freestyling Team and was nominated as a judge at the national freestyle soccer championships.

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