Davide Pisani

football freestyler
  • Davide Pisani
  • Davide Pisani
  • Davide Pisani
  • Davide Pisani
  • football freestyler

    He's a football freestyler from Milan. He trains himself regularly since October 2010, constantly improving his skills so to reach top levels worldwide. He prefers lower body and upper body tricks and combos. He's self-taught: he learned watching clips on Youtube from other freestylers, trying to apply what seen, recording clips by himself and watching them endlessly, every day. Davide organizes and participates regularly to freestyler meetings, without disdaining group training. You can easily see him in Milan (often in the Santa Giulia district or at Palazzo Lombardia or during a street show in downtown), or at some demonstrations around Italy and the world. He is called when a quality show is needed. In recent years he has always been among the top 3 at the Italian championships and in the Italian Overall Competition he has always come first or second. From 2015 onwards, at the Open World Championships, he always ranked among the top 32; in 2020 edition he won the "challenge" and the "sick 3" competitions, while he was second at "Ironman" competition. In 2022 he won the Italian Lower League championship, dedicated to spot the italian champion of "lower body" specialty. He also won and partecipated to several stages of the european tournament by Ghetto.
    Lately he is often requested as a judge of important competitions. He has granted several interviews not only on social media and he has the italian most known Instagram profile where he plays the role of "brand influencer".

    • name: Davide
    • surname: Pisani
    • nick: Dav
    • from: Milan